From a refugee camp to Falak, social business in the heart of Amman

“My name is Maysoon. I grew up in a refugee camp called “Talibieh”. I spent all my childhood there. Life is very tough there, I couldn’t have a normal life like others. But refugee camp was all I knew.

I’ve seen many women getting married young, they told me I need to do the same. I disagreed. I have a lot of dreams and I did not want to confine in my “husband” kitchen.  I wanted to discover new life than the one I knew in the camp. I went to university and then created Falak, art space, capturing moments of joy, happiness and sadness in the heart of Jordan.

It is not easy to be a female photographer in Jordan; some clients prefer to work with men than women. It is sad, but filmmaking is still man’s job, and people look at me strangely when I work late at night. For many people my life is evident to be nothing if I’m not married and have children. I stand different, because I do not accept the limits they set for me. I am a free and independent.

I am happy with Maysoon I am”