First female high-tech entrepreneur in Palestine

“I grew up in a traditional Bedouin family, and lived in a refugee camp in Jordan for almost twelve years, and then moved to Dura, one of the most conservative areas of the West Bank. Growing up in refugee camp, we didn’t receive high level education, we didn’t have privacy, it was very noisy place, but if I haven’t lived in a refugee camp, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.

I was taught that a woman can go to school but cannot work; her role is in her husband’s kitchen. I could not accept this as my reality. I was unemployed for two years, had no capital, I only had a computer, Wifi and a network of ambitious youth, when I launched my first business. Today my initiative serves more than 370 clients worldwide, and brought more than 370 jobs opportunities for youth and women across the West Bank and Gaza, I am working on expanding my business over the MENA region. I was nominated first female high-tech entrepreneur in Palestine, a title I never claimed. But, my genuine aim is challenging the social norms slickly, I’m trying to push the society to accept working women.” Abeer Abu Ghaith

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