A black woman running Paris

“My parents immigrated to France for one reason, giving a better future for their children. I grew up in a ghetto area in Paris, it is very challenging environment, no one expect you to be successful when you grow up here. I’m the only one in the family to get a master degree at Sorbonne, one of the best schools in France.


We used to visit my parents’ home country every year, Mali, beautiful but poor country. I met many women working very hard to feed their children, looking at them you’d say they are entrepreneurs, which they are, not out of passion but out of necessity. This was the reason behind my creation of Onzurna, my clothing line, aiming to help women across Africa. In my surrounding no one was an entrepreneur, I never had a mentor, but these women changed my view in life. They were the source of inspiration that pushed me to create something that is bigger than what I’ve ever imagined.


As a woman, I’ve always been treated less than a man, I’ve been told I can’t do. I was the only black woman in my classroom at Sorbonne, I helped in creating the first successful international Afropolitan fashion magazine and I was among the most influent blogger in France.


I am the black woman from a ghetto area in Paris. Nothing is impossible.”